What’s New in CompositionTests 1.3

CompositionTestsv.1.3.0 (640x640)I hope you are all as excited as I am about the latest ApprovalTests release, 2.0.  This release polishes some rough edges, and adds some exciting new test scenarios.  Check out Llewellyn’s release notes for details.  I’ve been experimenting with CompositionTests 1.3 for a month or so, and now that ApprovalTests has released, I’m releasing 1.3 to go with it.  Other than versioning compatibility, CompositionTests 1.3 doesn’t have any specific dependencies on ApprovalTests 2.0, but it seemed like a good time to release.  Enjoy.

Generic VerifyCatalog Implementation

CompositionTests 1.2 introduced customized Verify*Catalog convenience methods that automatically provide scrubbers that make sense with each catalog type. Although this worked fine, using the convenience methods meant that you needed to make an extra change to your test if you decided to change the catalog type… not very convenient!

The new VerifyCatalog<T> method addresses this shortcoming. The new method will take any catalog descended from ComposablePartCatalog and attempt to find an appropriate Verify*Catalog implementation. When the method cannot find an appropriate implementation, the default is to use VerifyCompositionInfo with no scrubbers.

ApprovalTests 2.0

This version of CompositionTests is built against ApprovalTests 2.0. The CompositionTests 1.2.0 NuGet package incorrectly specified the ApprovalTests dependency as x >= 1.9. Because the ApprovalTest assemblies are signed, dependent assemblies (like CompositionTests) will only load the ApprovalTests assembly which they are built against, so “greater than or equal to” should have been “exactly equal to”. The package for CompositionTests 1.3.0 correctly specifies the dependency as x == 2.0.

If CompostionTests stopped working for you after upgrading to ApprovalTests 2.0, this release should fix that for you.


Remember DiscoverParts and Composition are obsolete and will be removed in a future release. Please migrate to Verify* and MefComposition.

Go Get It

As usual you can get the bits from github or NuGet!



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