Recommended: WoVS Quick Add Reference

If your idea of fun does not include paging through the Visual Studio Gallery, don’t worry–I’ve done it for you.

Visual Studio Gallery

Ok, I did go cross-eyed before it could make it to item #2,574.  So I didn’t actually see everything, but I did look at a few hundred extensions, and I found a new favorite: WoVS Quick Add Reference.

What does it do?  Basically it adds a context menu to various places where you might have an error related to a missing reference.  You might find it when you have a red squiggly under a class name, or in the error list after a failed build.  The menu item will say “Add Reference” like this:


or it sometimes includes a an assembly name:


Once you have this extension, you’ll wonder why it isn’t included as part of the product.  It just works… most of the time.  Occasionally you may find that it can’t figure out that you need a reference:


This may be because there is an overlap between the CodeRush class identifier, and the CodeRush namespace:


Anyway, its still really useful.  Checkout the Visual Studio Gallery page for all the details.  You can download the extension from the gallery, or from the extension manager in Visual Studio.

So maybe you’ve noticed from these screenshots that I appear to be referencing CodeRush from a test project.  I’m playing with testing CodeRush plugin unit/integration testing so that I can refactor my “Create Contract Class” with confidence.  More on that soon.